Our Vacation from Cruising on Turks & Caicos

The only thing we’ve missed about being retired is getting to spend time with good friends we have made over the past 30+ years through the business. Earlier this year, we floated the idea among several friends that we would love to have a meet-up in April and we suggested the Turks & Caicos as the location. Almost immediately we received a reply from three couples, “WE’RE IN!”

So, we began planning to move Roam south from the Bahamas to the Turks & Caicos to meet up with our wonderful friends. A few tasks had to be completed in order to make the date:

  • Route Planning – Check
  • Provisioning – Check Check
  • Fuel Requirements – Check Check Check
  • Pet Import Paperwork – [insert sound of album scratching here]

Turns out Turks & Caicos has some of the strictest requirements in the world for bringing your pets with you to visit. We really struggled to get the documentation done and ended up having to hire an agent in T&C to help us get all the required documents, approvals, etc. I’ll write a complete article on this later, but suffice it to say that it cost us more to import our two cute little dogs in to T&C than it cost in fuel to move Roam the 1,000 mile run from New Providence to T&C and then back to the Ragged Islands!

Now, back to the purpose of our visit to beautiful T&C! During my many years in the software industry, Michelle and I have met some wonderful people and we’ve been lucky enough to develop deep and lasting friendships with more than a few fantastic people. Sue & Rick from Oregon, Sally & Ed from Florida, and Judy & Tom from Minnesota were keen to head south and enjoy a T&C Vacation with us. We were then, and remain so grateful to them for making the time for us!

There’s barely room on Roam for Michelle, the Dogs, and me, so the group rented a Villa on Providenciales for the three couples. Michelle and I moved Roam to a marina that was about 2 miles from the Villa so that we could ride our Moped easily from Roam over to their place. That turned out to be a perfect situation. The place they rented was perfect for our group, with an outdoor living area/kitchen that was built around the pool, allowing us to bring Tugboat and Sailor with us during the day and our little family could motor back to the boat at the end of each evening.

We took the group for a couple of rides on Roam, including a spectacular sunset cruise one evening. We also did some exploring of the island and enjoyed a couple of snorkel excursions. In between adventures, we laughed and we reminisced about past times and old friends. We caught up on our families and talked about the state of the industry that brought us all together. And we promised that we would not let years go by before we get together again.

It was so great to spend time with our friends, but the week seemed to slip by too quickly for us and before we knew it, the gang was heading back to the airport and back to their lives in their respective cities and jobs. And Michelle and I were left alone with our pups and our odd gypsy lifestyle. While we truly cherish our life on Roam, we already miss our friends and hope we’ll keep our promises to get together again next year.

We are truly blessed to have many wonderful friends all over the world from our old life and in our new life we are building deep and hopefully longterm relationships with other gypsies like us and someday when we leave this life and return to the dirt, I hope our water friends will remain in our lives, much like our old business friends do now.

Here are a few pictures from our adventures on T&C. Ok, there are a bunch of pictures, so I’ve organized them in to image sliders, so that you can look at sections of pictures that you’re interested in (or none at all!).

Next up: Our Haitian Experience on Little Inagua and the trip back to the Ragged Islands in the Bahamas.

Semi-Circle of Superiority Event 2019-T&C

The White Villa on T&C

Pictures around T&C

PS: If you were looking for a travel log, sorry. There are tons of blogs and vlogs out there that can do that, but I’m inclined to write about what interests me.

PPS: I will say this about Turks & Caicos: While I found the people to be very friendly and helpful, I didn’t find the country to be a particularly Cruiser Friendly place to visit. It is expensive to check in/out and if you have pets, forget about it! The T&C banks are very shallow and not navigable unless you draw less than 4 feet and there are very few places to anchor or visit by boat. Also, on Providenciales, everything is very spread out and there is no public transportation. In addition, rental cars and taxis are very expensive, so getting around on the island is a problem. If you’re a diver and want to go there specifically to scuba dive, I think it’s a great place, otherwise, I’d give it a pass. <End of travel blog> 🙂

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2 Replies to “Our Vacation from Cruising on Turks & Caicos”

  1. Agreed, an awesome R & R, looks like you guys had a great time & as slow as Island time moves, it’s always too short. The T & C’’s…. man, our fav, love to go but like you said it is not for the faint wallet…. on the Caribbean Moonoply board, it’s on the side where all the $$$ spots are & you love to have a spot or two, but hate to land on someone else’s spot cause it’ll cost ya!!
    And the drone shots… sooo cool. !!! And, thanks for sharing!

    1. Mark, thanks for the nice comments. We’re in KW now and getting ready to head over to Texas with Roam.

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