Randy the Manatee

Randy the Manatee

We had a fantastic time rambling around in the Abacos in December and January. I didn’t spend much time blogging, mainly because it’s an area that Michelle and I had spent quite a bit of time in over the years on our former Manta 40 sailing catamaran “Double Wide.”

That being said, we did get some pictures and interesting things to share with friends/family. One day while moored at Hope Town, we took the dinghy for a ride along the west coast of Elbow Cay, just poking around and seeing what we could see. As we were exiting one particular inlet, a manatee sought us out and spent 30-45 minutes interacting with us. He was incredibly friendly and we had a great time, scratching his chin, feeding him fresh water, etc. We went back to the same place many times over the next couple of weeks (always with some special treats for him), but we never saw him again. The locals told us his name was Randy and he freely roams around Elbow Cay, seeking handouts and the attention of humans. So cool!

Randy the Manatee




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