Michelle and Clark Haley

Michelle and Clark Haley

Welcome! Michelle and I have been cruising on our Nordhavn 47, ROAM full time since May 2017. On this site, we try to update our blog on a regular basis for the benefit of our friends, family and cruising dreamers. Click on Blog to see a list of articles that we’ve posted over time. We welcome and encourage your feedback and questions – and we hope that future guests will find the time to write a guest post from time to time, describing their adventures with us aboard Roam. Also, keep an eye out for more videos in the future. We have no desire to become “internet stars,” but sometimes a picture isn’t quite as valuable as a few minutes of video.

About Clark

DSC01916I was blessed with a great family and dreamlike childhood. I met and married the perfect woman for me and together we raised two wonderful boys. We sold our business in 2017 and although I am no where near “rich,” we have obtained a certain level of comfort that allows us to enjoy a few modest hobbies and one or two bad habits.
I grew up in Port Isabel Texas on the shores of the Laguna Madre. My parents owned a small sporting goods store and marina and I spent my youth working on and around boats. My Dad has always been one of those guys that could do anything. In my eyes, he was the MacGyver of boats. Through him, I learned to be creative and resourceful (two traits which have helped me throughout my career in business).
My wife Michelle and I have been married over 29 years. Together we have two sons, Patrick and Sean, that have both left home. Our oldest, Patrick, graduated from Texas A&M in 2012, is married to the wonderful Heather, and is now working for the company that I started in 1986. Our youngest, Sean, graduated from Texas A&M at Galveston in 2013 with a degree in maritime logistics, and works in the home construction industry in Colorado. We are proud of the young men they have become and look forward to watching them build lives of their own.

After a lifetime of sailing and having cruised the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, and the Bahamas aboard our Manta 40, Double Wide, we were ready for a new challenge and with retirement, we decided to transition to power. The purchase of our Nordhavn 47, Roam, has been exciting for us both. We even decided to sell our home in San Antonio and make Roam our permanent home!

About Michelle


Hi, I’m Michelle Haley and I’d like to tell you a little about me. I married the most incredible man, Clark Haley, and he has opened an exciting world for me! I love the adventures and journeys he takes me on. We have 2 sons (Patrick and Sean) who make us so proud. Now that they have both graduated  college, are out of the house, and on their own, it’s PARTY TIME!!!

I grew up in Houston, Texas where my parents worked for NASA.  My Dad was in management for FORD Aerospace and worked in the Astronaut Office. This allowed me to see great things like the Shuttle Simulator, Shuttle Discovery, and the Apollo Sawyus rocket take off in Florida. Dad loved to fly airplanes and would take me with him at times. My mother worked for Technicolor where she helped color pictures for the space program.  She always had fun pictures to share with us like the earth from the moon and the first spider in space and its intricate web.

DSC01978I spent my youth hanging out at my grandmother’s ranch in Leakey, Texas. I loved to ride horses and climb the local mountains with my cousins. My parents are now retired and they now live on the ranch with Lucy the Lama, numerous goats, deer, and a few cows.  I thought I would always live on the ranch and have horses, until I met my Sailor.
For the past 20 years, I have worked as an RN Circulator in the operating room of a small outpatient surgery center in San Antonio.  I have tried many different nursing jobs over the years, but my calling is the OR. Now, as we approach retirement, I’m ready to for new challenges aboard ROAM.

About Tugboat

Tugboat HaleyTugboat Haley is our 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer. When he came in to our family he was the runt of the litter and we thought he would probably be about 8-10 pounds, but as he was maturing, he just kept growing and ended up at 15-16 pounds, which if you ask him is perfect! Tug loves going anywhere that Clark goes – unless it’s IN the water! He especially loves dinghy rides. His spot is on the bow!

Cruising is hard work and a Super Cruising Dog needs his rest!

Cruising is hard work and a Super Cruising Dog needs his rest!

Tugboat loves to explore the beaches - this is one of the small islands near Warderick Wells in the Exumas.

Tugboat loves to explore the beaches – this is one of the small islands near Warderick Wells in the Exumas.

Tugoat in his "Spot" on the bow of the dingy

Tugoat in his “Spot” on the bow of the dingy

About Sailor

imageMeet Sailor Haley. She is a 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier and she thinks she is in charge of of all things in her world, including Tugboat, Michelle, Clark, and Roam! A natural hunter, Sailor lives to chase Squirrels, Curly Tails, and birds! [edit: Sailor has become an expert Ghost Crab Hunter. She digs them out of the sand, catches them, and then tears their limbs off. Disgusting, but fun to watch!!]

Hunting instincts aside, she is a princess and loves to be pampered. Underway, she can lounge for hours in the lap of whoever is at the helm.


Sailor the Hunter!


Out for a ride on the dinghy.


Sailor is chasing crabs and small fish. She LOVES to swim.


Beautiful Sailor

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