Welcome Aboard, Eve Juliet Haley!!

Our son Sean and his Fiancee, Amanda, gave us our first Grand Baby on March 31, 2020. Knowing that Eve was due at the end of March, we planned to leave ROAM at a marina in Tortola, BVI in mid-April and fly back to the states to help Amanda, Sean, and Eve get settled together. […]

Locked Down in Culebra, PR

We managed to sneak in to Culebra without getting caught by the Fajardo Marine Police (read this article for details on our run in with Barney Fife) and discovered, to our relief, that the local police and residents were fine with us being there as long as we followed the rules related to the Covid-19 […]

1,100 mile run back to Florida

With the decision made to return to the US and a good weather forecast for the next 7 days, we made preparations to leave Culebra on March 30, 2020. We would make a direct passage to Florida, with a short stop on the main island of Puerto Rico to get water (both our watermakers were […]

On to Puerto Rico!

After a very short month in the Ragged Islands, we were ready to continue on to Puerto Rico. March weather patterns can make it difficult to make the 690 mile trip, but there are a number of places along the way that a cruiser can duck in to get out of rough weather, including several […]

A Ragged Islands Valentines Party

The Ragged Islands are located in the Southern Bahamas, southwest of Long Island and North of Cuba. It is a group of islands that are far enough out of the way and difficult enough to get to that they are rarely visited by cruisers. There is a small town called Duncantown, located on the southernmost […]

New Boat Projects

We’ve been through this before. You buy a boat (new or used – it doesn’t matter) and you spend the first two to twelve months (sometimes longer!) fixing broken gadgets, adding new thingies, and making it a comfortable space for you to be in. In 30+ years of owning multiple boats, I’ve never been able […]