New Boat Projects

We’ve been through this before. You buy a boat (new or used – it doesn’t matter) and you spend the first two to twelve months (sometimes longer!) fixing broken gadgets, adding new thingies, and making it a comfortable space for you to be in. In 30+ years of owning multiple boats, I’ve never been able […]

Staying busy

Being homeless (as a result of selling our Nordhavn 47, ROAM) has given us the opportunity to travel and spend time with friends and family. While we’ve enjoyed ourselves we’ve also worn out our welcome at more than one family member’s house! We spent more than a few weeks at Michelle’s family ranch this summer […]


Wait, what? Hang on, we’re not done cruising — quite the opposite, in fact. We’ve decided we want to expand our cruising range, and we think we might be more comfortable in a slightly larger boat, so we casually told a few friends that we wanted to buy a larger boat. Word got out and […]

Crossing the Gulf of Mexico

<Rant> I believe this was the 11th time that I’ve crossed the Gulf of Mexico between Florida and Texas. After eleven trips, I’ve come to a conclusion. I HATE the Gulf of Mexico. The wind and currents conspire to make even benign weather uncomfortable! The waves always have an incredibly short period between peaks, plus […]

Old Bahama Channel to Key West

After the Bahamas National Family Regatta we were anxious to take advantage of a good weather window to head back to Key West. Most people would head north through the Exuma Chain, across to Nassau, jump across the Tongue of the Ocean to the Berry Islands, and then cross the banks to Bimini or West […]

Haitian Refugees!

The country of Haiti is in a horrible state right now. The economy is in a shambles and their politicians seem to be unable or unwilling to do anything to help their people. This isn’t a new issue. In fact, Haiti has been a country in turmoil for centuries. To make matters worse, the country […]