Silent No Longer!

Michelle and I are are back in Jupiter Florida this summer, while ROAM is sitting out the summer cruise season in Grenada. This summer, we’ve been busy with remodeling projects on our Florida rental properties and dreaming of our return to ROAM. I just realized that the last time I posted to this website was on our arrival in Puerto Rico way back in January. WOW! A lot has happened since then…

This week I sat down to update the MVROAM website and add blog posts to reflect our winter/spring. The first thing I discovered was that I couldn’t recall all the islands we had visited as we made our way through the Caribbean. I had to refer back to the ROAM Ship’s Log and in some cases, I couldn’t remember a single detail about an anchorage (or in some cases an entire island!). I had to rely heavily on Michelle’s much better memory to help fill in the blanks between my pea brain and the Ship’s Log (which primarily operational details of ROAM.)

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting island by island updates. Several friends have asked us to include details on importing/exporting our dogs throughout the Caribbean, so we’ll add those details as well.

I’ll post a few pictures with each article, but if you want to see more pics, you can always visit our Photo Album which is organized by date and goes all the way back to 2017. There are WAY more pictures there than you’ll have the time (or interest?) to review, I’m sure.

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2 Replies to “Silent No Longer!”

  1. Agreed Ted, us Haley’s get on one track & seem to lose all sense of everything around! Hahaha
    Good to see ya back Clark & Michelle !! And, look forward to reading & hearing about your ROAMing around the Caribbean & perusing the photos!!

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