Winter 2021/Spring 2022

We’ll be at Deltaville Boat Yard Marina in November and December for boat maintenance and then in January, we’ll find a weather window to move ROAM south to Puerto Rico. From there, we hope to be able to cruise the Caribbean. Where we go will depend on Covid restrictions….

Summer 2022

Our hope is that we’ll be able to spend the summer/hurricane season in the western Caribbean and Central America. If everything goes as planned (and it rarely does), we’ll leave the boat at a marina in Panama and do some traveling in South America. Is this the year we’ll get to Machu Picchu?

Fall 2022

We hope to spend some quality time in the San Blas area of Panama.

What’s Next?

Good question! We THINK we might pass through the Panama Canal in December 2021/January 2022 and spend the winter in Mexico. If we’re having in Mexico, we’ll likely spend another season in Mexico before continuing up the west coast with an ultimate goal of spending a year or two in the Pacific NW and Alaska. Stay tuned…