The Sea Gods Found Us

We had a wonderful ride going yesterday with winds 5-6 kts and slightly behind us for most of the day. By dark, the wind had creeped around to 20 degrees off our starboard bow, but at less than 5 kts we paid no attention to the shift. We had a wonderful meal together just after sunset and congratulated ourselves for outsmarting the Sea Gods.

Oh, how I wish we had been more humble. By 1:00 AM, the winds had increased to -20 kts and the seas started building. By 2:30 am, we had just about found all the loose items on the boat that bounced, clanged, and crashed with each violent rise and fall of the bow.

At dawn this morning, there are no signs that we’ll see any improvement today and we may be beating in to this mess through most of Friday. The weather reports aren’t very encouraging, but Puerto Rico grows closer with each pound of the bow.

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3 Replies to “The Sea Gods Found Us”

  1. Oh My Clark,
    But you should know that you can’t outsmart the Sea gods… you thank them for the ‘ideal conditions’ & tell them how you feel about their less than ideal conditions…. never cruse or not be humble! hahaha !

    But now that you have humbled yourselves, their rath will subside, you just have to acknowledge, lesson learned & you grow from the experience……. i have provided a sea offering in WPB, FL in hope the Sea gods look favorably on the ROAM journey.

  2. As Tina commented when I read this to her, “Clark’s Version of The Last Supper” – best wishes for the rest of your voyage – glad you are having such a beautiful bright moon…and escaped before the ice sto warnings went up this morning in NC?.

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