Beaufort to Block Island

Now that's a NC Sunset! - Belhaven Marina

Note: This blog was written WAY out of order, but that’s the way our life is sometimes…:)
Covering northbound stops, June 6-10, 2018

Here’s a quick catch up for trip up the coast from Beaufort NC to Block Island in June of this year. These notes are from our Daily log:

  • 6/6/18 – Traveled up to Belhaven, NC. Not much of interest to discuss, but think Belhaven would be worth a future visit. Everyone told us we should stop at Belhaven for dinner at Spoon River. Unfortunately no one bothered to tell us that it was closed on Tuesdays! Ugh!
  • 6/7/18 – Coinjock. This is really just a long dock running along the ICW that calls itself a marina. The marina is “famous” for the prime rib they serve at the restaurant. We stopped here last year and were underwhelmed by the food, so we didn’t bother to leave the boat for dinner. They do have plenty of space to let the dogs get off and stretch their legs though.
  • 6/8/18 – 6/10/18 – Our traveling companions, Clayton and Deanna on Tivoli stopped to have some warranty work done on their boat at Atlantic Yacht Basin, which is located just south of Norfolk on the ICW. We felt bad about leaving them behind, but Michelle and I wanted to take advantage of a good weather window, so we pressed on through Norfolk and out in to the Atlantic with a goal to do a long run to Block Island. Multi-day runs like this are typically pretty boring and this one was really no different, but we did see a humpback whale just off of the Delaware coast. Never get tired of that! Heading north from Norfolk, the water and air temperature take a sharp downward turn. One evening you’re in shorts and T-shirt, and the next day you’re wearing a jacket, long pants, and socks, for God’s sake! So much for summer…

Meanwhile, here are some pictures to distract you from the lack of cruising detail…

For some reason I love taking pictures of old boats and crab pots.
Roam on the dock at Belhaven Marina
Now that’s a NC Sunset! – Belhaven Marina
Local means of transport – Belhaven Marina
I love boats in ALL forms – even derelicts like this one on the seawall in Coinjock, NC
How could you NOT fall in love with Sailor???
The Osprey have adopted to human encroachment very well. Many of the markers along the ICW are inhabited and the nests are protected by law.
Tugboat is ready for another trip offshore…


Michelle at the helm for her watch. When cruising we stick to our 3 hour watch schedule. 3 on, 3 off. We can (and have) gone for many days like this!
Passing through Norfolk, we realize how powerful our US Navy is! There are war ships and support ships lined up for miles along the waterfront.
I believe we saw 4 carriers on our trip through Norfolk! That’s a lot of firepower, ya’ll!!!
I have no idea what this ship was for, but he was cruising up and down the channel at about 30 knots and I had to keep dodging him on the way out to the Atlantic!

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