Around Halifax…

Kids sailing program - Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron

We have been in Halifax for the past few days, getting Roam ready to start the migration south to Florida. We’re staying in a slip at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, the oldest continuously operating yacht club in North America (1837). RNSYS is a very active and youthful club. Every day, there are dozens of kids participating in a youth sailing program. They spend part of the day on the water, sailing around in Opti sailing dinghies, they spend some of the day in the pool, and the rest of the time they’re over in the youth barn doing kid stuff. The energy and enthusiasm is invigorating – and noisy! They swim and sail, regardless of the weather. When I’ve been in a sweater, jeans, and a rain coat to ward off the rain and wind, these kids are swimming in the pool or sailing around the harbor as if it were 95 degrees. Of course, for them, this is what summer is: Often cool, foggy, or rainy.

We spent a few nights here on our way north last month and were pleased to find a small city with great shopping and services. As we started moving south, we opted to stop here again to do some shopping and much needed boat maintenance.

We’ve enjoyed our time here, but it’s time to move south before fall/winter weather patterns begin to set in, making it difficult and uncomfortable to move the boat. Tomorrow we’ll head to  Lunenburg where we’ll wait for a day or two for a front to pass through, then we’ll continue south. We plan to be in Maine by late this week or early next – weather permitting.

Pictures? Of course!

Self Portrait – Reflection from the water off Roam’s bow.

Kids sailing program – Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron
This wonderful piper lead the procession of kids to the opening ceremonies of the Opti Nationals.

There are plenty of beautiful boats to photograph. This one was moored just off the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron.
I love the juxtaposition between the kids in their dinghies and the industrial background of Halifax Harbor
The Opti is the most popular sailing dinghy in the world with over 150,000 sailing, world wide. This week, the RNSYS is hosting the Opti Nationals – a sailing regatta for kids representing every province in Canada and even a few from the US.
Making final preparations to get their Opti ready for the Opti Nationals.
Getting ready for Opti Races at the entrance to Halifax Harbour

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2 Replies to “Around Halifax…”

  1. Ahhh, the Opti’s …. such fond memories of hours passed ‘racing’ (i.e. really mostly messing around playing bumper boats) before the catamaran sickness struck !! hahaha
    Again, such a beautiful part of the world & thanks for sharing the adventures of ‘ROAM’.

    Hope you had opportunity to visit Timmy’s for a doughnut, eh!
    After all it’s all aboot goin’ for a rip & gitt’n some doughnuts !

    Love youse guys !

  2. Mark, I thought about you when I was watching these kids. If you had been here, I’m sure you would have found a way to get a ride on an Opti! I think we’ve done all we can for this trip to Canada, eh? (even Tim Hortons). As soon as the weather allows, we’re headed for Maine.

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