Goodbye Nova Scotia…Hello Maine!

The famous Bluenose II sailing just offshore from Lunenburg NS

We left Lunenburg, NS unexpectedly last week and headed directly for Southwest Harbor, Maine. What I mean is, we had planned on leaving on Friday (August 25), but the weather forecast for the 32 hour passage changed and when we woke up on Thursday morning, we realized that the best day to leave was Thursday (August 24), so we took the dogs for a last walk in Lunenburg, lifted the dinghy, secured the boat for an offshore passage, and we were up anchor and headed out in to the Atlantic – all within an hour of making the decision to go.

The trip to Maine was perfect with light winds and calm seas. We even had clear, non-foggy skies for almost the entire passage and we arrived in Southwest Harbor just before Sunset on Friday. It was bitter sweet to be back in the US. We really enjoyed our time in Canada and hope to be able to come back next summer to explore the NW coast of Newfoundland and Labrador (perhaps a circumnavigation of Newfoundland???).

What’s Next?

We’re getting ready to start a slow migration south to Florida. Our plans are very fluid, but we know we’ll be here until mid-September so that family can come visit, then we hope to spend 4-5 days in Boston to visiting friends in the area. After that we’ll go through the Cape Cod Canal which puts us within striking distance of Nantucket – a bucket list visit for me – and weather permitting and we might make a few other stops in the area (Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, etc.). From there, we’ll look for a weather window to make the 2 day hop down to the Chesapeake Bay, where we plan to spend the balance of October and perhaps some of November. And that’s the furthest out our plans go at this point!


The famous Bluenose II sailing just offshore from Lunenburg NS


Bluenose II in Lunenburg NS


Michelle getting the boat ready to make the 32 hour passage from Lunenburg NS to NW Harbor Maine


We picked up a hitchhiker along the way to Maine. We thought we’d let him stay, but Sailor wouldn’t stand for it – she wanted to EAT him!!


Maine is famous for it’s scenic coastline, lobsters pots, and beautiful boats.


Even the lobster boats have a special look that is appealing.


Before arriving in Maine, we were warned about the number of lobster pots we would encounter in the waters along the coast. No kidding! We started seeing the floats that are attached to the pots in 400 feet of water (30-40 miles offshore) and they got thicker the closer we got to shore. They’re everywhere!

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4 Replies to “Goodbye Nova Scotia…Hello Maine!”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer!! We are 2hrs inland from Boston, let us know when you’re passing by, maybe we can connect. Stay safe. J&R

    1. As we get closer, we’ll reach out and see if you’re still in the area. It would be fun to get together.

    1. Thanks Paul! Looks like we’re going to pass your area by on our way south this year. See you in Florida!

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