No Socks?

Earlier this evening, it dawned on me that I wasn’t wearing any socks.

We entered the Gulf Stream this evening during Robert’s watch yesterday (Tuesday 18) and the water temperature went from 60 to 77 degrees in a minutes. In contrast to Monday night when the seawater temp was 48 finger freezing degrees. NICE!!! I still need a jacket to take the dogs for their “walks” in the cockpit, but the climate is changing!!

As I’m writing this note, the wind is out of the South at less than 10 knots and the forecast is for a calm day ahead. Beyond that is unclear, but I’ll take the clear running tonight! The Sea Gods are taking pity on us…

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2 Replies to “No Socks?”

  1. San Antonio was in the 70s today and will be in 30s tomorrow! You are moving into our today and we into your yesterday! Enjoy!

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