Puerto Rico at Last!

We left Portsmouth Virginia at 10:45 PM on Monday, 1/17 with a 20-30 knot west wind. Th Here’s the route we took:

Trip Statistics:

  • Total distance traveled was 1,350 miles.
  • Total Time was 7 days and 12 hours.
  • Total fuel burned was 1,420 gallons (we traveled much faster than normal to stay ahead of weather, so our burn rate was high)
  • Total days with wind over 20 knots – 3
  • Total days with wind 60 degrees or less from bow – 4
  • Total days with waves greater than 2 meters – 2
  • Total Fish caught: 2 Blue Marlin

I posted along the way, so I won’t recap each day. I will say though, that I had an excellent crew that got along splendidly and worked together well. Nothing serious broke along the way, so it was a boring run (as we hope all offshore runs will be!).

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2 Replies to “Puerto Rico at Last!”

    1. Hi Scott! Yes, the fuel burn was a bit excessive, but we were really pushing the boat hard to stay ahead of weather. We literally bought our way out of bad sea conditions!!

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