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On Sunday we got more serious about fishing and assigned someone to stay in the cockpit and watch the lines. I re-skirted my favorite Mahi lure and put it out on the rod with only about 100 yards of line left on it after yesterday’s spooling incident. I pulled out a new purple and black “Bill Fish” lure on the other rod. Mid-morning Purple & Black started screaming for attention as a small blue marlin tried to steal it from us. She was small, perhaps 60 pounds, but put up a good fight including some pretty spectacular jumps! Heidi and Tom recorded part of the fight on video which I’ll post when we get to PR in a couple of days. That was all the action we saw for the day. Pork Chops for dinner….sigh

Weather continues to be moderate. The wind is on the nose, but light (8-12 kts), so the ride is acceptable. Monday should be the same and it looks like we’ll make landfall in Fajardo PR on Tuesday around lunch. We plan to have a fish meal before aboard ROAM before we arrive though. Tomorrow we’ll catch our dinner!!

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  1. Clark,
    May the ‘fishing gods’ be with you….. so you don’t have “fish out” the GORTON’S from the freezer…… blasphemy!!!

    35 HRS to Land, Ho…. & Safe Travel..

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