Welcome Aboard, Eve Juliet Haley!!

Our son Sean and his Fiancee, Amanda, gave us our first Grand Baby on March 31, 2020. Knowing that Eve was due at the end of March, we planned to leave ROAM at a marina in Tortola, BVI in mid-April and fly back to the states to help Amanda, Sean, and Eve get settled together. Covid-19 had other plans for us. Once back in the U.S., Michelle managed to get her grand baby fix by flying out of Beaufort NC for a long weekend, but I wasn’t able to make that trip, so once we had ROAM settled in to a slip in York River, we rented a car and drove non-stop to Des Moines so that I could meet Eve.

Apologies in advance: here come a bunch of grand baby pictures.

No kidding, that baby is the sweetest and cutest child of all time! We are so proud of Sean and Amanda! They are great parents and we are excited for their new family and all the adventures they will have together.

We don’t know when we’ll get to see Eve again, but with any luck we’ll have her and her parents aboard ROAM in 2021 so that she can start getting her sea legs! You can never start boating too early!!!

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3 Replies to “Welcome Aboard, Eve Juliet Haley!!”

  1. Thought of you two this weekend looking at all the yachts in Tampa Bay. There were some big ones there.

  2. Congratulations Sean & Amanda… and to the PROUD Grandparents !! I see the A&M brainwashing has begun !! Gig’um AGGIES !! Exciting & Eve is looks like a FUN personality… game for anything !

    Love you guys,

  3. How wonderful for you and Michelle! We haven’t seen our 4 grandchildren in 18 months, as they were all scheduled to meet us last April in the Bahamas and of course that canceled.

    We boarded Steadfast Last night in LaBelle FL (!) and hope to get to Key West by Friday. I hope we cross paths!

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