In Bermuda, There’s More to Life Than the 35th America’s Cup…

We watched this group of fishermen stalk a large school of fish the other morning. They managed to get their nets around them and get a tremendous haul - all within about 2 hours.

Looking back through my recent posts, it looks like there isn’t anything going on, but the America’s Cup Races. We’re spending a lot of time watching the races and Armchair Quarterbacking the performances, but we still have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the beauty of Bermuda.

We’ve witnessed some spectacular sunsets and sunrises while at anchor.

Sunset over Theta Island
Our buddy boat on this trip is Tivoli, a Nordhavn 50 owned by Clayton & Dianna Naeve. Great people and a great boat. Here she is in our anchorage soaking up the afterglow…

After Saturday’s Race, we took a “booze cruise” around the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbor.Below are a few pictures from the cruise…

And just in case you were looking for race pictures…

Roam at anchor on the race course boundary (windward mark).
Team Artemis after beating Team Softbank Japan for the right to race New Zealand in the Louis Vuitton Cup finals.

Today should be the last day of the LV finals. Either New Zealand (Likely) or Artemis will be racing against Team Oracle (US) on Saturday…

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2 Replies to “In Bermuda, There’s More to Life Than the 35th America’s Cup…”

    1. It really is an amazing place and we have enjoyed the races. We saw Oracle out sailing this morning. Hopefully they’ve figured out how to go as fast as New Zealand!!

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