16 Days of Racing!!

Emirates flying to victory just two days after a devastating capsize.

We’ve been having a blast watching the Louis Vuitton qualifying races here in wonderful Bermuda. We watched the opening day races from the America’s Cup Village, which was quite an experience, but expensive, hot, and a challenge to get to. Since then, we’ve been part of the “Spectator Fleet” aboard ROAM. Since the races start at around 2:00 PM Bermuda time every day, we have the mornings to lounge around the boat, or run in to town for a quick shop, or comb through the hundreds of pictures we have been taking every day of the races.

We try to leave the anchorage between 1:00 and 1:30 PM and head out to the race course. The race committee generally has the boundary markers set up for the spectators by the time we get out there. Though we’ve explored all around the course, we generally prefer setting up at the windward mark because the prevailing winds give us the best light for taking pictures at that end of the course.

Team BAR had a great day of racing, but even putting up a perfect race and staying on their foils 100% of the time around the course, they couldn’t match the overall speed of Team Emirates.

Once anchored, we busy ourselves getting ready to watch. Binoculars: Check! Cameras: Check! TV: Check!(wait, what?) That’s right, we set up a TV on the flybridge so that we can watch the closeups and replays on live/local TV while we’re watching the boats scream by us!!

We have been out for every single race, including the days that were cancelled due to too much wind and too little. We intend on being out for every other race as well and we’re having so much fun! 16 days of racing so far have brought us down to: Team Emirates New Zealand beat out Team BAR Great Britain yesterday to capture one of the two Luis Vuitton Finals spots. Today we get to see if Softbank Team Japan can fend off the amazing comeback of Team Aretmis. We’re in Sailboat Racking HEAVEN!!!


Team Artemis was on a mission yesterday and scored three impressive victories over Dean Barker and SoftBank Team Japan.
The spectator fleet was amazing to watch. All kinds and types of boats to 8 foot dinghies to 200+ foot super yachts.
We have to jockey for a good position at the race boundaries, then when we get the anchor set in just the perfect spot, the race committee picks up the boundary markers and we have to move again. The price we pay for a perfect viewing position!!

Of course, there is more going on here than just America’s Cup Racing…

We watched this group of fishermen stalk a large school of fish the other morning. They managed to get their nets around them and get a tremendous haul – all within about 2 hours.
Moon Setting this morning over our the small island that protects us from the strong South West winds.

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4 Replies to “16 Days of Racing!!”

  1. Thanks Clark & Michelle for the stellar front row seat photos !
    We’re watching & keeping up from FL & i must say your photos are better than some from the AC website & the SA website. Carry on !
    Love ya’s

    1. Mark, it looks like Oracle needs your expertise! We’re hoping they can find the secret sauce this weekend that will make them go as fast (or faster than) as New Zealand…

    1. We miss you too, but we’re looking forward to seeing you in October for the boat show! Michelle told me you were buying a tug boat? Pictures, please!!!!

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