Bahamas Bound

After a couple months away from Roam, we worked hard to complete our pre-departure project list, moved Roam south to Florida, and made multiple provisioning runs to the grocery store. Yada, Yada, Yada, we were finally ready to head over to the Bahamas. We left Fort Pierce, hooked a right and headed down to Palm Beach, which would give us a better position to cross the Gulf Stream. When the weather was right, we made a dash for the Bahamas. Crossing the Gulf Stream was unremarkable, which is exactly what we wanted. No drama here, folks, keep moving – and we did…straight to Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands.

Great Harbour Cay Marina is a fantastic place to check in, when entering the Bahamas. Not only is it a welcome place to rest after a 30+ hour run from the States, but they also assist their clients with checking in to the Bahamas. They have arranged to have the Customs and Immigration people come to the marina which saves us having to schlep out to the airport.

The staff is so nice and the marina is so convenient, that cruisers sometimes get “stuck” there for weeks or even months. In our case, we came in for one night, but ended up staying a week! Not a bad place to wait out weather or just relax and enjoy the Bahamian lifestyle.

Yaahhoo!! let the summer begin! I know, it’s not really summer, but since we spent last summer up in the Canadian Maritimes, this winter feels like our summer. Finally, we’ve broken out the swimsuits, shorts, and sunscreen! It’s wonderful to be warm!!

Michelle and I took the dogs for walks on the beach every day.
Tugboat and Sailor got plenty of beach time. We love finding remote beaches so that we can let them run free!
Sailor is back in Full Crab Catching mode! She can spend hours trying to dig ghost crabs out of their holes. When she finally gets one, it’s exciting to watch the battle.
Always sad to see a boat lost to the sea. This one was lost in a storm last year, we presume.
Can you make out the name? Looks like “Summer Place” to us…
We struggled to get a good shot, but this was a 12 foot hammerhead shark didn’t want to cooperate. We found him on the flats just outside the entrance to Great Harbour. We chased him around until he was finally able to get in to deep enough water to escape.

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