Delivering ROAM to Puerto Rico

Michelle has abandoned ship, flying this week to Puerto Rico to meet her sister for a little sister time. She promises to meet me when I bring ROAM to PR. As for me, I’m wrapping up a few last minute projects and prepping to leave for PR next week (Monday or Tuesday). I will have two crew members aboard and if weather permits, we’ll run east from Norfolk until we cross the Gulf Stream, then turn to the South East and make a bee line for Fajardo, PR.

You can track our progress by clicking on the “HERE WE ARE” link on our website, or CLICK HERE.

I also plan to provide daily log updates via satellite phone, which should post on the website. If you’re already subscribed, you’ll get notified just like you do for a normal blog post. If you’re not subscribed, come back daily, or just click on the subscribe option at the bottom of this post.

See you in Puerto Rico!!

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    1. HAHA! Winter trips are not so much fun, so we agreed that she should fly down and meet the boat. I have a seasoned crew coming aboard to help with the passage. Take care, old friend!!

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