Fall Maintenance Projects

ROAM is at the Deltaville Boat Yard, getting some needed TLC. We’ve been in “maintentance mode” now for over two months and we’re ready to get back in “cruising mode” again. We’re tired, but we’ve accomplished much during our time here and Roam is much better for the effort. Here’s a list of what we’ve been up to: 

Items that we planned for

  • Replace the rotation bearing and gear on the Steelhead Crane – This is a BIG project that requires complete disassembly of the crane and removal by another crane. We ordered the needed parts 2+ months in advance and still had to wait more than a month for the shipment to arrive!
  • Replace the Rear Main Seal on the 20KW generator
  • Install new ICOM IC-M605 VHF radio – We have 3 VHF radios on ROAM. 2 are in the pilot house and the third is on the fly bridge. The Fly bridge VHF was going out, but I couldn’t get a direct replacement, which lead me down a rabbit hole, researching options. Ultimately, I ended up replacing one of the VHF’s in the PH and moving the old unit to the FB. The new radio is awesome and includes some cool enhancements that I think we’ll really use. Here’s a link to the details.
  • Re-work the Fly Bridge panel so the followup lever is more conveniently located near the steering wheel.
  • New Main Salon curtains and blinds
  • Install new quartz countertop in main salon and sink station in cockpit
  • New upholstery on flybridge couch
  • Upgrade Charts for Caribbean and Central America
  • Fluids change on all engines (oil, transmission oil, coolant)
  • Remove, clean & replace seals on heat exchangers on main engines
  • Install speed sensor on 20KW generator to improve functionality of Dynagen Autostart
  • Install Panic Siren on Gost Security System
  • Upgrade Cellular Service on Gost Security System
  • Inventory and order spare parts as needed
  • Upgrade Iridium GO! to include US phone number
  • Replace insulation on enclosure for 20KW Gen

Dinghy Repairs

  • Replace Fuel Gauge on dinghy console
  • Replace Tachometer on dinghy console
  • Remove & grease steering system
  • Install Keel Guard
  • Clean & wax

Surprise Repairs (things that broke while we’ve been here)

  • Replace air conditioning compressor for Pilot House – This project has been a mess. When I arrived, I thought I had a problem with a soft start device. Turned out to be a $35 relay that the manufacturer STUPIDLY (or was it stupid like a fox…) installed INSIDE the compressor unit, meaning the only way to replace the relay is to replace the entire compressor! UGH!! $35 repair part, vs $5,800. Thanks DOMETIC!!
  • Flush & Clean Black & Grey Water tanks
  • Install new Engine Room Exhaust Blower in Stack
  • Replace DC AMP meter
  • Replace the Frequency Drive on the Scuba Compressor
  • Replace salt water pump and motor for Air Conditioning system
  • Replace faucet in galley sink 

Items that were on the list, but will have to wait

  • Revarnish cap rail on stern – This will have to wait until we get down island and have a week of decent weather.

Thoughts on Deltaville Boat Yard

We chose to go to Deltaville Boat Yard because they were a authorized Steelhead Crane Service Center. After we had booked the service, several of our cruiser friends worried us with third hand horror stories of slow and poor quality work at DBY. We considered our options and decided we would take our chances. I’m happy to report that the stories were wrong. Deltaville Boat Yard is a family run company and the owners take great pride in the facility and the work they do. The marina and yard are clean, organized, and well equipped. The staff is friendly, helpful, and even proactive. If we find ourselves needing service while we’re in the Chesapeake, I’ll set head for Deltaville Boat Yard again. 

Deltaville Maintenance


New PH Compressor in place


New VHF Radio. The old one replaced the one located on the Fly Bridge


New cushions on Fly Bridge couch


New Frequency Drive (grey box) for scuba compressor


Pulling the Crane of the boat deck for repair


Eric (Deltaville Boatyard) behind the port rudder, working on the AC compressor


New curtains and blinds, port side salon


New curtains and blinds, plus new top on the table starboard side salon


separating the generator and engine to replace the rear seal

IMG_4443 IMG_4449 IMG_4445 IMG_4442 IMG_4341 IMG_4441 IMG_4354 IMG_4353 IMG_4321

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4 Replies to “Fall Maintenance Projects”

  1. Wow! That is a lot different than pushing on a keyboard! Very impressive summary of your work. I am glad you added the pictures. It made more sense for us land lovers. I hope you are able to get south soon and enjoy the warmer weather. Safe Trip South!

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Robert. Sorry we didn’t have time to visit at Christmas. We were in SA for 2 days (for doctor’s appointments) and one night, then out to the ranch before rushing back to go back to work. Take care!!

    1. Don, great to hear from you. Tell me you’re teaching your son to speak english… 🙂
      Take care, Abuelo!

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