Making the “new” Roam Ours

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity. I could write a book, but instead, I’ll provide a very quick summary:

August 2019: Accepted a contract for the sale of our 47 foot Nordhavn, which we had cruised to Texas for the summer.

September 2019: After looking at boats in Seattle and Alaska, we made an offer on a 2007 Nordhavn 55, which was located in Jupiter Florida. After working through a few issues we agreed to close on November 1, though we wouldn’t be able to physically take delivery until around November 15.

November 1: Closed on old boat (N4708) and closed on our new “Roam,” N5524. The same day we left Texas on N4708 (now called Dagny) with the new owner aboard, bound for Key West, via a stop in the Dry Tortugas.

November 7-14: Flew back to TX, visited with family one last time, rented a U-Haul and car carrier, loaded up our personal gear and drove non-stop back to Florida.

November 15-December 13 : Spent a month making N55-24 ours. Two words: LOVING IT (and Michelle has been taking baths every night in the her master suite Bathtub)!

December 14-26: Drove BACK to Texas for annual doctor’s appointments and holiday cheer with family. Neither of our boys were in TX for Christmas :(, but we enjoyed our time with Michelle’s family and then spent a few nights with my family and my Dad.

December 26: Drove Back to FL (that drive really sucks!).

January 6: Moved Roam to Palm Beach and hauled out for maintenance (Details of project in another blog post coming shortly).

Whew! what a crazy couple of months we’ve had. Michelle and I have to keep reminding each other this is not a permanent situation and it won’t be long until we can relax a bit and get back in to our normal boat life routine. This is NOT what retirement is supposed to be like!!

Future travel plans

Our travel plans are a bit up in the air, but roughly we’ll be in the Bahamas during February and perhaps a few days in to March, then we’ll start moving south with stops in Puerto Rico in March and then the Virgin Islands in April. After that, we know that we have to be in the southern Caribbean by July 1 for the summer months then in the fall, if we’re having fun and the equipment is running properly, we’ll go through the Panama Canal in November and THEN we have a big decision to make: do we head west for the South Pacific, or do we hook a right and spend the winter in Mexico and then continue north towards Alaska for summer 2021. Hmmm. Time will tell!

Tomorrow we’ll FINALLY get Roam offshore for a shakedown cruise to Miami and then if she’s running well and if the weather looks good, we’ll take a left turn and head across the Gulf Stream and over to the Bahamas. Let the good times roll!!

Lots of pictures to follow, I promise. We’ve been so busy, there just haven’t been many opportunities to break out the camera gear.

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5 Replies to “Making the “new” Roam Ours”

  1. Good luck on the shake down cruise. I hope everything – well almost everything – works fine. I am sure there will be a hiccup somewhere.

  2. She’s looking good & ready… love the Nordhaven “lines” (good photos)! And , I’m sure you guys will love the twin engine control! So shake’r down, I’m sure she’s “Clark & Michelle’ ready & ready to stretch out her waterline!! Safe travels & keep in touch…
    Love ya… Haley3

  3. Congratulations on the the new Roam! Saw you off OPC, boat looks great and ready for the adventures ahead. Safe and trouble free travels.

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