Staying busy

Being homeless (as a result of selling our Nordhavn 47, ROAM) has given us the opportunity to travel and spend time with friends and family. While we’ve enjoyed ourselves we’ve also worn out our welcome at more than one family member’s house!

We spent more than a few weeks at Michelle’s family ranch this summer and between chores managed to put together a fun video about Michelle’s Ranch Life. Enjoy, but a word of caution: There is EXACTLY ZERO (0) boat porn in this video!

Oh, and BTW, we did buy a new (to us) boat which we will take possession of in early November. We’re excited to be the proud owners of a Nordhavn 55! More details to follow shortly…

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One Reply to “Staying busy”

  1. Aaaahhhh, the simple life of the Rancher… NOT !!! Thanks for sharing the day in the life of… reminds me why we gravitate to the coast/water…there’s a reason why we’re called beach bums!!! Hahha!
    This time you’ve had in Tejas I’m sure has not only been timely, but priceless!! Hope to cross routes this holiday season.
    Ohbytheway,….. check for ticks !!
    Love you guys ~~Haley3

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