Wait, what?

It’s true, Roam has been sold and we’ll be handing over the keys on the 1st of November!!!!

Hang on, we’re not done cruising — quite the opposite, in fact. We’ve decided we want to expand our cruising range, and we think we might be more comfortable in a slightly larger boat, so we casually told a few friends that we wanted to buy a larger boat. Word got out and before we had even started seriously looking at new boats, we had an unconditional contract for sale of our wonderful ROAM, our home! We’re still in shock.

What now? Well, we’ve decided that we would like to purchase either a Nordhavn 62 or possibly a Nordhavn 55. We’ve looked at two 62’s but neither boat spoke to us, so we’re still on the hunt. Unfortunately, there are very few Nordhavn 62’s and 55’s on the market right now, so we’re facing the very real possibility that we could be boatless for an extended period of time. 🙁

We’re thinking about renting a house/apartment in Texas, close to family while we search for our next ROAM. We hope it won’t take too long, but it could be 6 months or longer, unfortunately.

I’m writing this post from a hotel room in Kodiak, Alaska where we looked at a Nordhavn 62 this week. We were HOPING that we’d fall in love and be able to make a deal quickly, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

The good news is that we had a nice mini-vacation up here in Kodiak. We even celebrated our 31st anniversary while up here! We took a float plane ride over to the Katmai National Park and got up close and personal with some rough looking Grizzlies. Here are a few pictures:

Early morning flight to Katmai
Not a bad view!
There were plenty of fish in the stream for the bears.
This big guy was clearly in charge of the area.
Chasing off a rival…
This bear is scratching her butt on the tree in the background. She looks happy!
The comparison between Michelle’s hand and the paw of a bear is amazing.
This guy was so close that I could have reached out and touched him.
Our guide suggested that we should climb up on a nearby rock to stay clear of the bears while he used an inflatable kayak to paddle out and get his plane (the tide had come in while we were watching the bears).
The boats below are setting nets for salmon. The small boat pulls the net out, around, and back to the mothership.
On the trip home, we saw several pods of humpbacks.
Our charter service was Kingfisher Aviation. If you ever find yourself up here, we would strongly recommend them. They run a great guide service.

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2 Replies to “WE SOLD ROAM!”

  1. Congratulations on the fast sale of Roam. The good ones go quickly.

    Find a new boat fast. We don’t want to lose our cruising buddies.

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