Category: Maintenance

New Boat Projects

We’ve been through this before. You buy a boat (new or used – it doesn’t matter) and you spend the first two to twelve months (sometimes longer!) fixing broken gadgets, adding new thingies, and making it a comfortable space for you to be in. In 30+ years of owning multiple boats, I’ve never been able […]

Adding Autostart to the Generator on Roam

We recently upgraded Roam to include autostart on our generator. This means that if the batteries ever get low, the generator will come on automatically to charge the batteries and then shut down when the batteries are fully charged. That’s a huge deal on a boat like ours because the 1800 amp/hr battery bank usually […]

Smokey Shakedown Cruise!

To be honest, on our last boat (a 40 foot Manta sailing catamaran called Double Wide) I never did a shakedown sail before any of our extended cruises. We just fixed what we knew was broken (if we thought it was important), loaded the boat with groceries, and set out for new adventures. But ROAM, […]

Key West or Bust – Part 1 (South to Palm Beach)

August 27 We left Stuart and the slimy green, and dangerously toxic, water surrounding Sunset Bay Marina (not the marina’s fault – I blame “Big Sugar” for the serious pollution of Lake Okeechobee and the St. Lucie River). We managed to shimmy past the shoaling at “The Crossroads” which is where the ICW and the […]

Time in the Yard

On Monday, July 11, we took Roam down to West Palm Beach to be pulled out of the water at Seminole Marine for a bottom job and to do a couple of other projects. We were pulled before lunch and quickly realized why Seminole Marine was had so few boats in the yard — it is […]

Bottom Cleaning

We will be leaving for Texas tomorrow (5/30), so we need to wrap up a few things before we go. The bottom paint is really tired, so I wanted to get the boat out of the nasty, slimy river water that slips past us here at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart so that I could […]