Living Large in the Exumas

Michelle, Jenny, and Ted at Warderick Wells

The weather this year has caused some travel challenges, but we made it to the Exumas last week. Life is Good! We spent a few days in the Exuma Land & Sea Park and then headed down to Big Majors (Staniel Cay) where we’ve been anchored along with our friends Ted and Jenny (Nordhavn 47, Southern Star). It’s been a bit windy, but that hasn’t kept us kept us from enjoying ourselves. Swimming, beach walks, bone fishing, and happy hours with old and new friends fill our days. We haven’t been here in several years, so it has been great to be back in an area that we love so much.

Roam has performed well for us, though we have ordered a couple of replacement parts that our friends on Tivoli will deliver to us later this month when they cross over to the Bahamas from Florida.

I need to fly back to the US next week, so we’ll head back to New Providence this weekend and put Roam in a slip at Palm Cay Marina. Michelle and the dogs will stay aboard while I’m gone. Tough Duty…

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words….

Michelle with Jenny & Ted (N47 Southern Star) at Warderick Wells
Roam & Southern Star moored in the North Mooring Field at Warderick Wells
View of Roam & Southern Star from atop BooBoo Hill at Warderick Wells. The “junk” in the foreground is actually a collection of boat memorabilia left by prior visitors — Somewhere in that pile is a plaque we left when we were here several years ago aboard our Manta 40, Double Wide
The cruising life is really tough on poor little Sailor!
We had a visitor last night just after sunset…
Luckily, we had Sailor aboard to protect us! That Nurse Shark is around 8 feet long!
Nordhavn 63 Silver Spray is anchored just behind us. Owner Nigel and his guest Jim hosted us and Southern Star for happy hour a couple of nights ago. Beautiful Boat and great people!!
Silver Spray and Southern Star at sunset the other day.

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3 Replies to “Living Large in the Exumas”

  1. Always enjoy catching up. Sad to see our sign in the pile. ?. When your in the states give me a call. After Feb 27. I’m in Guatemala until then. Need to catch you guys up on a few things. Fair winds…

  2. Hi Clark
    Your trip looks amazing! I noticed your boat is a 240/50hz or do you also have 120/60hz. I have a 240/50hz N47 in the med and am wondering what issues I may run into bringing it to North America after finishing the med tour. I’m looking for another boater with real world experience.
    Hugo Cookson
    Cuervo N47-34

    1. Hugo, sorry for the long delay in responding. Bandwidth has been a real issue here in the Bahamas…We’re primarily at 120/240-60Hz boat. We do have the ability to run 240/50Hz, if we ever visit a country with that type of AC. When you come to the US, you’re going to have a tough time with the 60Hz change. I’m no electrician, so I can’t tell you how to overcome, but I have never seen a 50Hz option here. 🙁

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