Moving Day!

movingYesterday was moving day on Roam. When we sold our Manta 40 Catamaran a couple of months ago, we unloaded our 10 years of accumulations and put it all in a 5X8 (or 10?) storage locker in Palmetto Florida. So, we had to go get it and integrate our stuff in to all the equipment, gear, parts, tools, and household items that the former owner left aboard.

Palmetto is a 3 hour drive from West Palm, so double that for the return trip, plus time to pick up and return the trailer and then load/unload on either end, and you’ve got a pretty long day. I brought my camera to take pictures along the way, but have to confess that I was too busy and/or tired to pull pick it up!

We got back to West Palm just in time for the afternoon rain that is so typical in Florida. Of course, in Florida, all you have to do is wait 20 minutes and the sun will be back out again – and that’s pretty much they way it went.

We spent a long evening/early morning unpacking, comparing what we brought vs. what was left behind by the previous owner and setting things aside to go to Good Will. The boat is starting to feel like she’s ours!

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