Bottom Cleaning

We will be leaving for Texas tomorrow (5/30), so we need to wrap up a few things before we go. The bottom paint is really tired, so I wanted to get the boat out of the nasty, slimy river water that slips past us here at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart so that I could […]

Moving Day!

Yesterday was moving day on Roam. When we sold our Manta 40 Catamaran a couple of months ago, we unloaded our 10 years of accumulations and put it all in a 5X8 (or 10?) storage locker in Palmetto Florida. So, we had to go get it and integrate our stuff in to all the equipment, […]

On our own

Today we took Roam out for our maiden voyage! Grabbing a couple of sandwiches from the marina cafeteria, we headed south toward West Palm Beach for a quick shakedown cruise. From the flybridge, we ate our sandwiches and had a liesurely trip down the ICW. We wanted to run the generator for the day to […]

She’s ours!

Although we signed the papers and took legal possession of Roam on May 3, she wasn’t REALLY ours until the broker handed us the keys and we stepped aboard – and that didn’t happen until this past Thursday, May 19. I flew in from a business meeting in San Jose, CA and Michelle (and the […]

We’ve Gone to the Dark Side

I’ve been a sailor my entire life. My Mom taught me to sail when I was 5 and I’ve been consumed by sailboats ever since. My Dad always talked about Powerboaters with disdain, calling them Stinkpotters. My Mom used to say, “Sailors spend time on the water for the joy of sailing, and Stinkpotters are […]

Survey of Roam

Part of the buying process is to Survey (inspect) the boat to look for deficiencies and assess value. This is a painful process for the seller (I know because I just went through this with our Manta 40) and it it a stressful time for the buyer (just did that too on the N47 that […]