Traveling with Pets


Photo courtesy of Clayton Naeve

Tugboat and Sailor are part of our family and travel with us, wherever we go. We often meet other travelers that tell us they gave up their pet(s) in order to go cruising. Our dogs bring us so much joy on a daily basis that we can’t imagine not having them with us. To be clear, they are needy, e.g., they must be walked multiple times per day, but those required walks give us an excuse to explore new communities and meet new and interesting people.

Sailor and Tug love everyone they meet, but they especially love children. Michelle and I were out for a walk in the lovely town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia this summer when Michelle decided to check out a store. Tugboat, Sailor, and I were waiting outside on the sidewalk, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun, when I noticed a ruckus at the other end of the block. A dad was struggling with his young son who was having a melt down (all parents know how miserable this experience is and how helpless you are to do anything about it). As I stood there watching, I had a thought and walked down to introduce the child to Tugboat and Sailor. The child had no interest in meeting the dogs and only screamed louder until Sailor jumped up and with a paw on each shoulder, she started licking the tears off his cheeks. Almost instantly the screams gave way to giggles and the child totally forgot about his temper tantrum and focused on the dogs. The look of relief on Dad’s face was worth all those early morning walks – even the hated rainy and cold walks! My only regret is that I didn’t snap any pictures, because the look of absolute delight on the child’s face was priceless. The experience reinforced why we are privileged to be able to share our world with these wonderful dogs.

There are so many stories that I could share — Ugh, hang on — Tugboat is letting me know it’s time to go outside, RIGHT NOW! Can we pick this up again later? I wonder what adventures we’ll get in to on this walk?

While we’re out exploring, here are a few pictures for dog lovers:

Michelle on the beach at Morgan’s Arm, Newfoundland


On the lookout for Dolphin, Whales, or anything else that they think is edible.
On the beach in Delaware. One of the few “warm” days we experienced this summer!
The beanbag chair, called “Big Joe”, is Tug’s favorite spot on the boat.


This is NOT a political comment about the local police and fire departments. When you gotta go…
The girls on the flybridge on a warm afternoon cruise in Maine.
Morning Yoga with the Girls: Michele Kelly, Michelle Haley, and Sailor (Sailor says the “Downward Facing Dog” pose is a racial slur, BTW)


Haskel’s Harbor in the Bras d’Or Lakes, Nova Scotia
Time for a walk!
Sailor is soaked from the morning dew!


Tug at Morgan’s Arm, Newfoundland
Walk completed, now where did we leave the boat?
In Newfoundland, we often had to beach the boat and trudge through the freezing cold water and mud to get the dogs ashore. They didn’t mind one bit, though!
Sailor checking out her first Mahi! She was beside herself.


Did somebody say “Squirrel?”
Resting up before the next adventure.
Another great afternoon hike in the Bras’dOr Lakes.

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  1. Few and far between, your posts are worth waiting for. The salty water, sun and wind aren’t warming your heart, you have always been so kind, it’s just “loosing it up a little” and letting you show us what you have always had inside! Thanks and hugs for Michelle!

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