Dog fun in the Ragged Islands

Having dogs aboard gives us an excuse to make multiple trips per day to the sugar white beaches in the Raggeds. Well, some of the beaches aren’t pristine, but the dogs love them just the same. Tugboat and Sailor send their love to their friends back in the states…

On the beach at South Bay, Ragged Island.

Sailor has a new nemesis – Ghost (Sand) crabs that live in holes they dig on the beach. She digs them out and then chases them around, trying to avoid their claws. We’ve yet to have a camera handy when she digs one of the buggers out, but we’ll catch the action and upload when we can…

Every trip to the beach results in sandy dogs that then have to be bathed back on the boat. That cute nose is worth the effort though, don’t you think?

Michelle and Sailor piloting us to our next anchorage from the fly bridge.

We can’t imagine having this adventure without our wonderful pups!

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