She’s ours!

Although we signed the papers and took legal possession of Roam on May 3, she wasn’t REALLY ours until the broker handed us the keys and we stepped aboard – and that didn’t happen until this past Thursday, May 19. I flew in from a business meeting in San Jose, CA and Michelle (and the dogs) drove from Texas with our car loaded down with our stuff. The plan worked perfectly as Michelle made it to West Palm Airport at about the same time that I was landing and we stepped aboard our new boat together to mark the beginning of the next phase of our lives.

On Friday, our broker, James Knight (Yacht Tech, Inc.), met us at the boat for an orientation. James and Paul did a great job, though James’ scheduled required the condensing a two day training program in to about 6 hours. Our heads are still swimming!

We capped off the day with some boat docking training. After a number of scary attempts to approach a remote dock, we started to get the hang of it and at the end of the day, we pulled up to our narrow slip and backed in without touching the piling – just like pros!!

She’s ours! Now we begin the very difficult task of settling in – mixing our stuff with the items left aboard by the previous owner – making N4708 our Roam!

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